When Snow Flurries

This is all I have to say:



Sonnet LXIII
Not only through the deserted lands where the salt rock
is like the only rose, a flower buried by the sea,
did I go, but also by the edge of the rivers that cut the snow.
The bitter heights of the mountain ranges know my steps.

Tangled, whistling region of my wild homeland,
lianas whose mortal kiss chains itself in the jungle,
wet lament of the bird that soars casting off its shivers,
oh region of lost griefs and inclement weeping!

Not only is the poisonous skin of copper mine,
the saltpeter extended like a statue recumbent and snowcapped,
but also the vine, the cherry tree rewarded by spring,

they are mine, and I belong like a black atom
to the arid lands and to the autumn light in the grapes,
to this metallic homeland elevated by towers of snow.

Pablo Neruda

January 31 Joy Dare: On a Paper, In a Person,
 In a Picture
On a Paper: The last day of January!!! (on a calendar)
In a Person: The student leaders I work with – oh so gracious, so thankful, so kind, and so motivated, they are pure-hearted people
In a Picture: Snow!!!!


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