When I High Five Friday

Today I am linking up with Lauren from From My Grey Desk for the weekly High Five for Friday post!

1. I am going to Wales!


I’ll be going on a spring break trip to Wales in just a few months with my boss/professor/friend and two other students. I need to raise $2,200 for the trip by February 8, so if you’re feeling like you have some money to throw towards something great, let me know. 🙂

2. The Big Veggie Bowl


This was the start of some wonderful friend time at one of my favorite all-day breakfast places. Let it be known that I particularly despise breakfast but that there are two places in town that totally get it right. And make me love them for it.

3. Lots of friend time during the 3-day weekend




As I’ve mentioned several times already, one of my dearest friends, Renée, is in town (until tomorrow!). She’s visiting from Moldova of all places!!! I got to spend some quality time with her, her boyfriend, and Les Mis. Plus I had a lovely homemade dinner of red curry with Kelly. Plus s’more friend time with Renée, which involved nom-ing and the purchase of that grey sweater.



New spring exercise goal. Done.

5. Gettin’ back into the exercise groove



I’m easing my way back into running in Vibrams. AKA my calves are screaming at me all the time, even when I sleep. (But I promise the shoes are great!! This is just a good sign to not get out of the running habit and have to get used to Vibrams AGAIN once you’ve already broken in your Vibrams once.) And I started going to a twice-a-week yoga class at school.


January 25 Joy Dare: A Gift Borrowed, Found, Inherited
Borrowed: Not really borrowed, but it was quite a gift to have enough time to bring my car in for service this afternoon
Found: Solace
Inherited: My grandma’s brooch, which I keep pinned on my green winter coat



3 thoughts on “When I High Five Friday

  1. Color Run is a BLAST!!!!!! Did it in Tulsa a year ago, February. What A Blast!!! I really like that white sweater!! Yay for seeing Les Mis! Did you love it? I thought it was fantastic. Anne Hathaway was great in it, I thought. Have a great weekend. Stopping by from #H54F.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I have only ever heard amazing things about the Color Run, so I absolutely cannot wait to participate in April. I’m really glad that I saw Les Mis, but I don’t think I’d watch it again – it was quite the experience and so much to process, you know? Very raw, very real, very honest, and beautiful. I thought Anne Hathaway did a phenomenal job too. I cannot even imagine how intense it must have been for the actors, actresses, and crew to put together such a complex film. I was blown away!

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