When I Consider Stubborn Grace

“Stubborn grace”

I read that phrase in the context of myriad other things on Rachel Held Evans’ blog today. And it struck me (as so many things do these days). Stubborn grace. RHE nailed it. Because, to the core of me, I think that’s what stands out the absolute most about Jesus: he has stubborn grace. He lavishes his stubborn grace on us, and though the word “stubborn” typically carries a negative connotation, here it’s beautiful.

When I hear “stubborn grace,” I hear “unconditional,” I hear “everlasting,” I hear “I’m-not-going-anywhere-I’m-not-leaving-your-side,” I hear “the crux of Jesus.”

I want my grace to be stubborn. I want the grace I offer people to be unconditional, everlasting, abiding, what I’m known for.

May I, may we be people who love with abandon, who forgive and forgive and forgive, who open our arms wide because we want to help, who open our hearts wide because we want to know, who are stubborn in grace.

January 24 Joy Dare: 3 Things Blue
To be quite honest, I haven’t encountered much blue today. So instead of writing about three physically blue gifts, I’m going to write about three gifts I find in the midst of sadness and grief (which are often considered “blue” emotions).
1. The nearness of a beloved Comforter
2. Knowing that it will not last forever, will one day pass
3. That my sadness/grief shows how special that thing/person/situation was to me at some point


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