When I Am Thankful

I like this place I’m in. Over the past week, strangely and unexpectedly, I’ve woken up with new excitement about the different possibilities I have for after graduation. It’s come day-by-day: one day excited about this particular grad school, one day excited about this other one, one day excited about Thailand, and so on. It’s a fine state to be living in. I like the broad expanse of possibility and adventure; anything and everything is good to the eye at this point, and that’s all right with me.

I’m also excited about the Soul Detox devotional that I’m working through with She Reads Truth. It’s not every day that I get so jazzed about a new devotional, so since this time I am, this one feels particularly special to me. I had some time to myself yesterday (it was a day off, after all), and I used a portion of it to sit at my desk and, kind of unintentionally, to soak up the devotional’s words and to journal and to let my journaling become interspersed with excitement and praises about various things that had nothing to do with the devotional’s words. It was a beautiful time.

The organization-lover in me began to beam when I saw that She Reads Truth has a semblance of a devotional plan for the next six months. Seeing that sparked in me the desire to jot down what my next six months, event-wise, will be marked by. So I did. And seeing it all, all the goodness already planned out (which, before, I hadn’t even realized was so good) excited me. 2013 is gonna be a good year, folks. It already has been so far. 

January 22 Joy Dare: A Gift Wrinkled, Smoothed, Unfolded
Wrinkled: “A Candid Conversation About Unfulfilled Dreams,” today’s post on Donald Miller’s blog – this is a hard read, but I think it’s a true one.
Smoothed: “Spiritual Journey: The Cold Season,” today’s post on How to Talk Evangelical – the very best thing I’ve read in awhile
Unfolded: Yoga mat – I signed up for a 6:30 AM yoga class, and it started this morning. For whatever reason, I was so nervous about it, but it was the greatest. My calves have been so, so sore from easing back into running, and the class relieved so much of that soreness AND filled me with much peace. A praise and a gift indeed.


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