When I High Five Friday

I’m linking up with Lauren from From My Grey Desk for the weekly High Five for Friday post!


1. Check this sunset OUT!


I walked outside for a run and saw this. !!!!!

2. Reading in a comfy-cozy scarf and leggings on a rainy day


This was pre-awesome dinner with friends. Which was pre-crazy ice storm that froze shut all the cars on campus and prevented me from even being able to unlock my car.

3. My new desktop background


Thanks, Kelly! It was on her blog that I found out about Design Love Fest, which is the website I used to find my new background.

4. Best breakfast combo ever


Packing this to take to my 9 AM office hour makes me feel particularly like an adult. I love my quiet mornings of breakfast, Kari Jobe, emails, and homework in the office.



One of my best friends on the planet is in town for the rest of the month. She’s been living in Moldova for the past six months as a Missionary Associate, and SHE’S BACK FOR A VISIT!!

And because this week has been so good, I have some extra photos for you:

Sweet truth from the Fresh Start devotional by She Reads Truth.

Academics and blankets are some of my favorites. Especially when academics includes Old Testament Theology.

January 18 Joy Dare: 3 Gifts from God’s Word
1. God’s desire for us to partner with him and his love of an earnestly willing heart to go (Isaiah 6)
2. God’s continuously going against the conventional
3. God’s heart for redemption, restoration, and transformation – his desire to give us the fullest, good-est life (John 10:10, among so many others)


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