When I High Five Friday

Today I am linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk, per usual, for a High Five for Friday post!


1. Equo’s Organic and Fair Trade Rooibos Tea


There is nothing I love more on a good box of tea than the words “organic” and “fair trade.”

2. This giant comfy-cozy scarf from Plow & Hearth


Who knew that Plow & Hearth could sell great scarves like this one?! Not me! But am I ever grateful for it. Thanks, Mom and Dad! It definitely made my airport experience much cozier and took the chill off when I landed in the-state-that-no-matter-the-temperature-always-feels-colder-than-anywhere-else (of course I’m not exaggerating).

3. A return to the land of one more semester!


Surprisingly, my Old Testament Theology class has more required books than my English class. There’s a first time for everything. (Also, let’s not talk about the title of that third to last book.)

4. Beautiful truth


I’ve been participating in the She Reads Truth devos for awhile now and have loved them all. The current one is called Fresh Start.



His company-given name is Boiley. And he makes hard-boiled eggs in my microwave. WHAT.

January 11 Joy Dare: 3 Yellow Gifts of Fresh Mercy
(Bear with me. Apparently, I don’t have much yellow in my life.)
1. A bunch of perfectly-ripe bananas (That never happens.)
2. Eggs for breakfast
3. SUN! Shockingly, dreary weather has taken a backseat to the 60s today.


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