When I Look Back at 2012

Today I am looking back at my 2012, in particular at one memory and accompanying photo from each month. Care to walk with me through my retrospection?

I celebrate a best friend’s birthday.

Saturday brunch dates begin with some of my best friends from college.

We throw an all-day birthday bash. (See the pattern? We LOVE birthdays!)

I go to the Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College with a group of English major friends from school. I discover my new favorite poet, Susanna Childress.

One of my best friends graduates from college! (Though other, “better” photos exist of us, this one is probably the most accurate of our friendship.)

I grew up attending Duke Young Writers’ Camp (nerd alert; no shame) and spend this summer working there as a Youth Development Professional. BEST job. Also, BIRTHDAY month!!

I’m still working at Duke, happy as a clam.

I go back to school and start off the semester with a retreat for the student board of spiritual life on campus.

Zoo time!

I start in on my writing sample for my graduate school applications. My dear friend Phoebe and I spend fall break commiserating over application woes. (This photo is from a few months later after I submitted my first application! Overall, I submitted 6 applications, a feat that I’m still shocked I was able to wrestle with until completion.)

I run the Bass Pro Half-Marathon!!! (This photo is from packet pick-up.)

As Assistant Director of Missions at my school, I get to go to World Missions Summit in Fort Worth, Texas. Keep a lookout for my recap of the Summit on Powerfully Quiet: coming soon!

More went on during these months, certainly, but I went with the memories that had photos attached to them for sharing purposes.

I had two main goals during 2012: to live out of my best hopes rather than out of my worst fears and to learn to love exercise/running. Success for both! I don’t typically make New Year resolutions, but I do like to use the New Year to come up with some reachable yet challenging goals, ones that will push me toward fulfilling something I’ve hoped for for a long time. I’m so grateful for the vibrancy that was added to my day-in-and-day-out life by following my first goal and for the fulfillment of a childhood dream that came from following the second. Stay posted for a new post (ha, see what I did there?) about my 2013 goals!

What are your favorite memories from 2012? Do you make resolutions, goals, etc. in the New Year? If you do, what are they this year? 


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