When I High Five Friday

Linking up with Lauren from From My Grey Desk Blog for another High Five for Friday post!
Five highlights from this past week . . .

After I finished my second final on Saturday morning, I ate brunch at school, took a long nap, and headed out to the mall with my friend. It was her idea, and though I am not typically a lover of shopping, I thought it would be fun to spend time with her and relax in the midst of finals. Lo and behold, we hit the jackpot at Forever 21. AND we ate the best cookies known to man (from Great American Cookie, of course). AND we paused in the midst of crazy Christmas shopping mall crowds to take a picture together (of course). Oh, and, uh, it was my HALF-BIRTHDAY!!! (You will come to understand that half-birthdays, birthdays, and that date every month when your birthday would fall if only it was your actual birth month
. . . yeah, all 3 are legitimate times of celebration for me.)



Oh yes, and we also browsed Walmart for candy and movies. We ran into this fun plantain along the way.

Proof of some legitimately awesome finds at Forever 21.

It’s been years. But this week (actually, now that I think about, it may have been last week) I accomplished my first successful parallel parking job. No photo though. What was I thinking?!

Goodbye, Toby. (Yes, I named a pumpkin. Yes, this pumpkin has been in pristine condition since I got it in September; good pumpkin. Yes, I adore pumpkins.)

This photo marks the end of finals, beginning of Christmas break, and unexpected friend time on my first flight!

The start of Christmas break = Christmas decorations galore at my parents’ house!

A hand towel in our kitchen – my favorite!


A Christmas tree with a giant pumpkin underneath in my room = the best of two seasons.

Upcoming highlight: Tacky Lights Tour tonight with my family! I LOVE Christmas lights!!!

And one great blog post I caught last night (which is especially great for you runners to read): http://www.runnersworld.com/health/running-empty?cm_mmc=Twitter-_-RunnersWorld-_-Content-Nutrition-_-DisorderedEating

High-five your way through Friday today, friends! Here’s hoping you’re cozied up in the midst of snow or no-snow, regardless. Cozy-ing is key.


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