When God Comes

I am still thinking about Advent.

Ann Voskamp recently said, “Job is satisfied because God came.” Because God came. Emmanuel, right? God with us. Because God came. In the midst of terrible, horrifying suffering, Job grieved, silent, and then grieved, questioning. He asked question after question of God, and God came. God answered Job’s questions with more questions – but, somehow, Job was satisfied. Simply because God came, perhaps? I don’t believe Job’s satisfaction with this was a cop-out, a simple sigh into begrudging acceptance of the least that God could give. I’m wondering if Job was soul-deep satisfied by God’s coming because when God is here, peace is here, love is here, fullness of joy is here, grace is here, salvation is here, mercy is here. Somehow, in some mysterious, beautiful way, when God comes to us, the fullness of his presence is so . . . full. It fill us, soul-deep. And, more often than not, we continue to grieve, but he’s holding us together and grieving soul-deep grief right beside us, so near, his eyes and heart full of weeping, and they match ours.

Because God came. LORD, may your presence, matchless, fill us in our grief and in our joy. May your presence be fierce in its nearness.


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