When I Tell You About Some Things I’m Lovin’

Today I am linking up with Lauren from From My Grey Desk Blog for a little High Five for Friday post.


Here are some things I’ve been lovin’ this week:

1. These boots from Target:

$34.99. I kid you not: I have been looking for boots like these for one-two years now. I’ve had very specific demands, you see: little-no heel, brown, not shiny, not slouchy, no crazy zippers or bedazzling, not too expensive. And here you have em.

2. These leggings from Maurice’s:

$14. I got two pairs, one in black and one in grey. And, to top it all off, Maurice’s is having a BOGO half off sale, so I got both pairs for just over $22 (with tax)! I wore the black leggings a few days ago, and let me just tell you that I was living the dream all day that day. These are oh so comfy, heavenly even, warm, and not see-through at all. I am quite certain that these will become part of my airport attire as I fly back and forth to various places for the upcoming holiday season.

3. 13-inch MacBook Pro:

Duh. Lovin’ it.

4. The prospects of new makeup:

Since I am low on money but also low on makeup, I have been looking for new, cheaper products to buy. I love reading Lauren’s blog (From My Grey Desk Blog) and recently found her description of products that she uses. Between her rave reviews and the reviews on the Mark website, I ordered some concealer and mattifying lotion from Mark this week. I can’t wait until it arrives! Also, she’s right on about the Cover Girl Professional Super Thick Lash Mascara: under $5 AND the best mascara I’ve ever used?! I’m swooning!

5. A dwindling to-do list. (No photo or link for this one – just happiness.)

The semester is wrapping up, my friends, and, surprisingly, my to-do list is shrinking rather than growing. I’ll take it! A praise indeed!

Happy December, all.


3 thoughts on “When I Tell You About Some Things I’m Lovin’

  1. Congrats on finding new makeup! Seriously, that is a task! I just had to find new makeup because my company went out of business and I ended up with Benefit. I am thrilled with it so far and it is even better because BB carries most of the stuff I use and I can use my points on it 🙂
    Also, another plus, I am not allergic to it, which I am to many other brands. Needless to say, it takes me a while to find new makeup lol

    Oh apple. How wonderful are you?!

    Super cute boots! Don’t you love it when Target totally just takes it for the win when you have been looking for so long!

    1. Yes, it is definitely such a task to find new makeup! I have been using mostly Bare Minerals products for the last few years, and I have loved them (I have sensitive skin too, but it doesn’t stretch as far as allergies), but I’ve been looking for something cheaper. The Mark products I ordered should be arriving today, so I’ll probably do a review of them in the next week. I’m glad to hear that Benefit works well! I will definitely keep that in mind.

      And yes, Apple and Target seem to always know what’s up. How great of them! 🙂

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